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As one of the few financial advisers who are fully accredited by the Bank of Spain, Spanish Financial Brokers is the leading retail mortgage broker on the Costa del Sol. We are committed to securing the very best terms, conditions, and interest rates for your property purchases. Our industry-leading network of banking institutions and private equity lenders allow us to satisfy all your mortgage and loan requirements.

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New mortgage law


a new mortgage law came into force in Spain, which allows non-residents who apply for a mortgage in Spain to change it from the euro to their local currency at any time.

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Non resident no problem

Spanish Mortgage Brokers

We can not thank you enough for all the help you offered us in understanding the mortgage the bank was offering us.

We know we were very scared at first with all the things we heard about hiden clauses and unfair costs but you were patience enouph to explain everything one million of times and over and over again. Thank you for giving us the confidence and protecting our interests. We would of not signed if you were not close to us.

Signed: O. Kitsul-Ucrania

With a big smile is how we finish our work!

I do not have words to express my gratitude for all the efforts made to purchase my house. I have been about to lose the deposit money and I was quite desperate that nobody could solve my situation.

J. Soall, UK

We provide advice and arrange completion date at notary!

We found a property through the real estate and advised us to use the services of SPANISH FINANCIAL BROKERS

P. Zarnico, Germany

The Purpose?


Offering complete financial advice means having a professional at your side in each and every phase of the purchase process: from when the need to buy a home or proyect arises, until it is time to choose the best financing.

We will analyse your economic or financial situation and inform of the máximum loan amount you will have access to.

Company owners or sole traders can expect to be requested the following
  • 1 to 3 years personal tax returns.
  • Last 6 months personal bank statements.

  • Bank reference.
  • Last 1 to 2 years company accounts.
  • Copy of a personal credit file and/or annual debts statements.
  • Copy of passport.

Most Banks will class as self employed anyone who owns more than a 25% share in the company they work for.

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Employed individuals will be requested to provide
  • 1 to 2 years personal tax returns (unless an expat living in a non tax paying jurisdiction).
  • Last 6 months personal bank statements showing pay being received and day to day activity.
  • Bank reference.
  • Employer’s reference and or contact of employment.
  • Copy of a personal credit file and or annual debts statements.
  • Copy of passport.

If an applicant for a Spanish Mortgage has investment properties the Spanish bank will want to see rental contracts and bank statements showing rents being received.

Non income contributors who are to be on the purchase will be required to provide debt information and Passport even if they are not to be a main applicant.

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If you are planning on applying for a mortgage, you may be wondering about all the different options available to you. Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes and it can be confusing trying to find the best option for you. In addition to our personalized service we also provide a handy easy-to-use mortgage calculator to help you get started.