Spanish Financial Brokers is a financial lender with more than 20 years of experience and one of the few Spanish mortgage brokers accredited by the Bank of Spain as well as certified with the new Real Estate Credit Act by the IEAF (Instituto Español de Analisis Financieros) Spanish Institute of Financial Analisis, and FEF (Fundacion de Estudios Financieros) Financial Study Fundacion. Our headquarters is located in Marbella, Malaga. Our mission is to strengthen Spanish social fabric through sustainable home ownership and by offering our clients security and safety when applying for a mortgage so they feel protected throughout the application process until final completion with key in hand.

Spanish Financial Brokers is a Financial lender with more than 20 years of experience and certified with the new Real Estate Credit Act by the IEAF (Instituto Español de Analisis Financieros) Spanish Institute of Financial Analisis, and FEF (Fundacion de Estudios Financieros) Financial Study Fundacion. Our headquarters is located in Marbella, Malaga. The mission at Spanish Financial Brokers is To strenghern Spanish social fabric through sustainable homeownershop offering the client security and safety when applying for a mortgage so he/she feels protected in all terms and in all times thoughout the whole process from the starting of the application forms utill the final completion and key on hand.

We will analyse your financial situation to obtain the maximum loan amount available.

Spanish mortgage advice – our services

Budget analysis and Bank recommendation – We will help you to understand how much you can borrow from a Spanish Bank and what impact this has on the total purchase price.
Submission and management of Spanish Mortgage applications for independent purchases – We will professionally package your mortgage application in Spain to give it the best possible chance of approval with the best possible terms and conditions and highest loan to value amount.
Resolution of previously rejected applications – If you have been rejected for a mortgage in Spain, or you have been waiting for an answer from the bank, or the direct application you have made does not reflect the initial terms you were offered, we will help you achieve a successful outcome with another lender in the quickest possible timeframe.

Understanding your Mortgage in Spain and the purchase process

With so many years of experience in the loan and purchase market we can help and advise you throughout the process. Our key aim is to find you the best products and the most suitable loan in Spain given your circumstances. We will protect your financial interest throughout the application process through to completion.

We will advise you when it is safe to pay purchase deposits and work efficiently and effectively with all relevant parties to secure the house of your dreams in a safe manner with minimum risk. We will alert you to any possible infractions relating to the property as highlighted by the required Spanish bank valuation report, even if those infractions are small by nature and of little consequence. We will explain everything to you verbally and in writing in clear and concise English.

«We search, you choose»


To fully satisfy our clients
• Giving you solutions even if you’ve been told that your situation is impossible.
• Keeping it simple so that you can get a quick approval.
• Providing expert home loan advice so you can make an informed decision.
• Earning your trust so that we can be your mortgage broker for life.

To operate ethically for the benefit of society
• Helping customers who are being let down by the banks.
• Giving free information and resources on how to buy a home.
• Giving our staff a fulfilling job with the opportunity for career advancement.
• Helping young adults who are looking for work experience.
• Providing ongoing support to offshore aid programs.
• Promoting best practices and healthy competition within the mortgage industry.


The leading specialist mortgage broker in Marbella
• A world class Spanish mortgage broker with the most knowledgeable home loan specialists in the industry.
• Continuous innovation to set a new standard for the rest of our industry.
• Operating online using technology to provide a fast and simple loan approval.
To be recognised as the leading offshore team in the Australian mortgage industry.


Our company values
• Excellence.
• Integrity.
• Customer Experience.
• Home Loan Experts Heart.

Being fully prepared financially before visiting Spain will enable you to negotiate with sellers in the knowledge you are in the strongest position to buy with the ability to move quickly without putting your deposit funds at risk. Contact us today for a no obligation quote for a Mortgage in Spain.

Why would I need independent advice when arranging a Mortgage in Spain

Spanish Banks do not always have set loan criteria and rates, and some allow their branch mangers to define rates and costs for a Spanish mortgage as long as they meet minimum guidelines set by Head Office. This means that if you visit one Branch of a Spanish Bank, one Manager may offer a better deal on the mortgage in Spain than if you ended up in another branch of the same Bank. In contrast, all our Spanish loans are direct from the Head Offices and are always at the lowest possible rates and best terms achievable. This can save you a lot of money, and we can obtain additional special discounts and preferential terms for our clients depending on their financial status.

As the leading mortgage broker in Marbella, we understand the need to provide free advice and an approval-in-principle service for Spanish mortgages. This means before you go house hunting you will know exactly what your maximum budget is, your finances will be in order, and you will know how much the entire purchase process will cost with no nasty surprises or misunderstandings at a later date, which can often happen when dealing directly with a local bank.

We will advise you on all available loan options, and make a recommendation based on your circumstances and the requirements necessary to meet each bank’s loan criteria and terms and conditions. We work with multiple lenders and we will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option in a clear and concise manner, as well as making a recommendation on the best overall option to meet your needs.

Loan to values for non-residents applying for a mortgage in Spain

A mortgage in Spain is granted as a percentage of valuation or purchase price, whichever is the lower. Maximum loan to values are up to 100% with many lenders limiting this to 70% for non-tax residents of Spain, or applicants living outside the EU. Higher loan to values may apply where a property is being bought directly from the Bank.

Term you can expect for a mortgage in Spain

Maximum terms range between 20 to 30 years. Age restrictions do apply and vary from bank to bank from age 60 to 75 years. In general, where feasible from an affordability point of view Spanish banks typically prefer loans of no more than 20 years.